LEDs Lighting The Way!

Solid state lighting – commonly known as “LED Lighting” in the building industry – is changing the way we think about light and what it can do in homes and buildings.  To stay abreast of the most recent innovations, implementation barriers, and key trends – Newport staff took part this week in the US Department of Energy’s Solid-State Market Development Workshop in Detroit.  Some of the highlights we take away from this conference are:

  • The pace of change for LED technology is unprecedented. This creates challenges…and opportunities for groups who can see the industry’s direction.

    The Evolution of the Light Bulb

    The Evolution of the Light Bulb

  • LEDs aren’t just for big commercial buildings. Key areas where LEDs are expected to play heavily in homes are wireless lighting control systems and using solid-state lighting to affect moods, ambience, and circadian cycles.  And that’s just the beginning….
  • LEDs fit great into the progression towards Zero Energy Homes. The picture below is the “Next Home” by Next Energy, which features a DC internal electrical grid to power LEDs and numerous appliances. The grid is directly fed by the home’s PV system and is also interconnected with the EV parked in front.


    Next Energy’s “Next House”

Newport is already engaged in related RD&D work on LED lighting and well positioned for additional market analysis and technology integration with our partners.  We are currently working with NYSERDA on an LED demonstration project in the state of New York.  To learn more about this project, click here.

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