LEDs Highlight Open House in Stillwater, NY

Visitors of this past weekend’s open house event in Stillwater, NY left very impressed with the 100% LED lighting system inside the new home from Belmonte Builders.  The EnergyStar certified home is one of five homes participating in a NYSERDA Solid-State Lighting Demonstration Project throughout New York.   Each home includes a 100% LED lighting system and is monitored for energy usage and costs for a minimum 9 month period.

matt led

A couple listens as Matt Evans (Newport) explains the savings produced to date for the 5 homes involved in the Solid-State Lighting Demonstration Project. 

Throughout the daylong event, visitors were invited to tour the home and learn about the various LED lighting installed.  Newport Ventures was on hand to conduct lighting demonstrations and discuss the various benefits of LED technology.  Also on display was Lutron’s Caséta Wireless control system, which is installed throughout the home providing the homeowners with added convenience, aesthetics, security, and savings.

Of the five homes included in this project, the Brown residence has the largest lighting system with a total of 155 bulbs and fixtures installed.  (By comparison, the home with the second most bulbs/fixtures hadonly 97).  Included in these are a variety of advanced LED technologies, such as under cabinet lighting and surface mount LEDs.  With such a large number of lights in the home, the use of highly efficient LED lights, as well as the Lutron Caséta control system are critical to helping the homeowners keep their electric bills low.

While only two months’ worth of data has been collected, early results show the potential for savings to exceed $250 in just one year!  The total cost for lighting during the months of December and January was $25.26.  By comparison, a typical code built home (assuming 50% incandescent and 50% high efficacy bulbs) would have cost anywhere from $70-$97, depending on bulb specs.  The home will continue to be monitored for the next seven months with the final results to be summarized in a final report for NYSERDA.

Learn more about this project and the benefits of LED lighting by visiting our project page!

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