Newport is proud to see the Lutron Caseta Light Switches make the news in the top smart gadgets to buy this year. We were a part of this cutting edge smart lighting technology from Lutron Electronics before the system was even being sold in stores. Newport Ventures partnered with Lutron to put these systems in all our demonstration homes for our LED Demonstration Project.

Newport Ventures working with NYSERDA and a group of New York builders conducted an LED lighting demonstration that highlighted the use of advanced lighting and controls technology. Newport identified Lutron switches as a technology that could take advantage of LED technology and offer the homeowner benefits. Lutron was just coming out with the Caseta system and we placed it in each of the demonstration homes. Each home was designed with 100% LED lighting packages that aimed to not only emphasize energy savings from a more efficient technology, but also present innovative design options, improved aesthetics and ambience, and increased control capability available only through LED technology.

We are excited to see such rapid adoption of a system that not only works for homeowners, but saves energy!

Read the Washington Post article.

Read the full project report.

The Lutron Caseta remote, dimmer, hub and app give your lights superpowers. (Photo: Lutron)

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