Newport Ventures hosted a Plan Review for Residential Buildings and a Plan Review for Commercial Buildings in Syracuse, NY on March 14th, 2018. Matt Evans and David Brignati were the trainers for these sessions.

The Residential and Commercial Plan Review and Field Inspection curriculum is very interactive and require participants to engage with one another to perform plan review activities as they typically do in the daily course of their work. For the plan review portion of the course, participants are divided into groups of four or five and given a set of plans and specifications for different types of residential buildings. Together they will go through the construction documents to identify any missing or non-compliant elements. Once they have completed this work, each group will present its findings to the larger audience.

The field inspection portion of the session is less activity based, but still very interactive. Compliant and non-compliant construction details are presented and short videos are used to show attendees visually common problem areas that often cannot be seen ahead of time in the architectural plans. Frequently, actual implementation raises awareness of conflicts between building systems or construction details that result in non-compliance – for instance, thermal bridging at window or door openings or improper air sealing of party walls.

Check out the photos below – see us in action!

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