Duct-Length-Calculator.JPGBroan has created an Allowabe Duct Length Calculator Tool, which is an online tool to help builders, contractors, code officials and other building professionals to calcute the maximum allowable duct length.

This easy-to-use, flexible tool calculates maximum allowable duct length to hit a given delivered cfm airflow level based on basic inputs: CFM required, fan model, duct diameter, duct type (flex or rigid) and number of elbows. One of its many convenient applications is the ability to demonstrate on-the-spot 2015 IRC code compliance without field testing or the use of complex tables.

The new Allowable Duct Length Calculator Tool helps building professionals more efficiently and accurately determine a solution for their duct system. The tool recommends solutions based on the following parameters: system type, range hood model, design flow rate, ducty diameter, duct type, and number of elbows. By using the tool, users can be confident that the BROAN ®, NuTone® and BEST® branded products they choose will meet code and regulations.


For more information on the new Allowable Duct Length Calculator Tool, visit www.BROAN.com or click here to use the tool.

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